They read the outcome when their refrain generated the headlines

They read the outcome when their refrain generated the headlines

Season dos

The next morning, C-Notice, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, and Abruzzi proceeded to operate on the authorities, narrowly powering earlier in the day a shipping instruct to avert their pursuers. C-Note come chastising Scofield for failing continually to openly reveal to your class the presence of Westmoreland’s profit Tooele, Utah, and then he plus necessary one to Abruzzi end up being quit because he got a young woman hostage when the woman father approved the five due to the fact the fresh Fox River escapees. C-Mention is concerned about rejoining his nearest and dearest, therefore the little believe he had for their fugitive comrades appeared to be sporting narrow. His girlfriend and you will girl was indeed, before start of the 2nd seasons, unacquainted with his incarceration as he had been able to key him or her to your thinking he’s however providing to another country for the Iraq.

By event step 3 „Scan“, C-Mention contacted his wife of the pay phone, and you may she is some troubled together with lies and also doubted that he are previously in america Armed forces. C-Mention guaranteed to spell it out everything and therefore however can be found in a lot of money in the near future. He told you inside seven days, that they manage satisfy from the „Rainbow Room“ at window in which they had the visualize. Eavesdropping FBI agencies thought it suggested a location restaurant. C-Note later on suits his daughter in school and requires the woman to share with the lady mommy to show new porch white for the within seven o’clock just like the a sign of her trust. From the episode’s avoid, C-Mention is actually skulking in the close their family members‘ house, whenever you are a keen FBI Agent Lang interview his partner.

Unfortuitously, a property was actually situated across the burial website

C-Note following proceeds and also make their own play for Westmoreland’s currency by firmly taking a subway to Utah. Borrowing from the bank a notebook and you will notepad on commuter seated near to your, C-Notice accesses an online armed forces database work at of the go to site Us Army Rule Corps to get the web site where in actuality the cash is buried. Unfortuitously, halfway because of Preston, Idaho, an enthusiastic attendant tells him the mastercard familiar with purchase brand new admission is not legitimate. C-Mention tries to need that have him, although attendant needs safety. Regarding possibilities, C-Mention is actually forced to bolt away a windows, to your the regional river. The guy goes through Cache County, Utah and you may inquires in the a keen Camper on the market. He’s informed that it’ll prices $40,. C-Mention reactions which he would-be back into several weeks with cash.

He or she is later seen hitchhiking whenever Sucre, driving earlier in the day on the his bike, agrees supply your a trip. They are available for the Tooele and are reunited that have Michael. It proceed to look for cash. Even though the fugitives was indeed very first capable deceive the new people on the thought these were fix males, it sooner or later got wise. C-Note loudly voiced his disapproval to Michael on the getting simple anyone hostage, with his dated stress that have T-Wallet and resurfaced. However these thoughts later cave in so you’re able to thrill after they fundamentally find out the bucks. Unfortuitously getting C-Mention, Sucre determines so it second in order to twice mix all of them and need the money from their store if you find yourself holding her or him from the weapon point. C-Note instantly departs to possess their family relations immediately after seeing as the money is finished. Into the episode „Unearthed“, he suits up with his old household members back in Chi town to possess advice about executing their intend to return their family unit members. He and his girlfriend, Kacee, and girl Dede in the long run possess their reunion in an alley immediately following a thin escape from this new government agencies.

From the occurrence „Disconnect“, C-Mention has a happy time with his family unit members up to his girl complains away from belly difficulties. Kacee tells him which they don’t possess this lady therapy, and get-off to acquire a pharmacy. Whenever you are to invest in medication, the brand new pharmacist comprehends Kacee, and on new pretence regarding in need of move from the rear place, phone calls the authorities. Kacee try detained, not before she drops the brand new therapy to your scrap so C-Note could pick it up following that.

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