This is my life

1. Strophe

Hey my Darling, are you falling?
You’re getting deeper to the ground, no doubt.
This is the way you’ve lost your crown, way down
and all around you there’s a crowd
starts to wound you while you shout:
You’ve got to listen to this sound!


This is my life
You’ve got the chance right in your hands.
This is my time
No time to wait, don’t hesitate.
I will survive
If you’re trying to believe in
what you’re loving you’re receiving.

2. Strophe

Don’t stop moving, keep the grooving,
open your mind, don’t care ‚bout fools and rules,
‚cause they are blind to feel the flow to go.
It’s time to fight, show what you know,
you’ve got the right to reach the goal.

Wake up in the morning, new wind blowing,
taking your chance is in the air out there.
Now you’re awake, don’t be afraid, my mate.
It’s not to late to play the game,
create your fate, don’t be the same.



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Klaudija Paunovic

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